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Since 1987 the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition has been fighting hard to ensure that you can ride wherever you want to go safely. We have been dedicated to making sure that bicycling is part of the transportation solution.

Advocacy takes many forms from specific campaigns and programs, from telephone calls with corporate developers, to meetings with elected officials.

Current Priorities

  • Complete Streets policies in San Diego County
  • Construction of the San Diego River Bike Path
  • Increase miles of bike lanes striped across region
  • Increase mile of dedicated bicycle facilities (cycletracks, multi-use paths, etc.) throughout the region
  • Improve training of police officers and bus drivers
  • Improve enforcement of current traffic and bicycling laws by police officers
  • Expand bike safety programs for youth and adults in San Diego County

Organizational Goals

  • Strengthen and expand SDCBC bicycle education and safety programs
  • Improve member services and benefits
  • Build SDCBC's membership base
  • Improve SDCBC's visibility through marketing and events
  • Bolster local advocacy efforts

Historic Victories

  • "Lose the Roaditude" Campaigns
  • California Street Smarts
  • Active Transportation Campaign
  • Regional Bike Plan
  • Advocated for Bike Coordinators in San Diego County
  • Bike Racks on buses and the trolley

SDCBC General Policy- What We Stand For

SDCBC recently updated our general policy- what we stand for as an organization. We recommend those interested in volunteering or learning more about SDCBC and our purpose, look over these policies. Learn More

Regional Advocacy
San Diego County has 19 cities and 76 unincorporated communities. SDCBC makes sure to have cyclist rights represented in as many areas of the county possible. Learn More

National Advocacy
Advocating for bicyclists is an important goal SDCBC shares with local and National Organizations organizations. The best way to get involved is to work with your local officials so they understand the importance of bicycling, and join SDCBC. Learn More

Good Routes Campaign - Road Repair and Maintenance
Good Routes Campaign focuses on improving accessibility for cyclist and pedestrians. Through reporting hazards, asking for street improvements or just filling pot holes, the good streets campaign provides contact information and the process to repair and maintenance of your city streets. Learn More

Contact your Leaders
Local and National officials need to be informed on what is important to you. Contact your local leaders and inform them on the importance of bicycling and complete streets in your area. Learn More



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