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Jim Baross
Jim has been teaching bicycling classes for over 25 years. Since 2002 Jim had been training and certifying new LCI’s for the League of American Cyclist.

Roman Beck
Roman Beck has been an active member and instructor for the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition for over 6 years. As a professional collision analyst, Roman is a Qualified Bicycle and Accident Reconstruction expert in Superior Court, State of California.

Dan Callahan
Born and Raised in San Diego, Dan has seen the changes in bicycling happen over the years. As both a mountain biker and urban cyclist, Dan enjoys the best of both worlds.

Pauline Callahan
In the early 90’s, Pauline observed all the fun her husband was having when he went mountain bike riding, so Pauline decided to join him. It was not love at first ride. After some harrowing experiences, and after some extra training, Pauline began to really enjoy being outside getting exercise and hanging out with really cool people.

Aaron Garland
Originally from Virginia, Aaron brings fun and youthful energy to our education classes. Currently residing in South Park, Aaron is car free and getting to know all the nooks and crannies of San Diego County.

Kathy Keehan
Kathy Keehan began cycling with her father as a young girl. Over the years Kathy has been one of the biggest influences in making San Diego County better for cyclist. As the former Executive Director of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, Kathy helped promote changes that help improve cycling for everyone.

Kerry Kunsman
Kerry commutes daily from Clairemont to Kearny Mesa on bike. Through his experiences on heavy traffic roads, Kerry is able to teach students the best techniques for safe cycling.

Howard LaGrange
Howard has been cycling for over 50 years. As the Co-Chair of the Oceanside Bicycling Committee he is a strong advocate promoting cycling for recreation and transportation.

Brian Parent
Brian Parent rode his bike from 4th through 11th grade. After college, he rediscovered the fun of cycling, and thanks to high parking fees at work, and bike to work days, now bikes to work daily.

Hong Tran
As the Transportation Coordinator for the San Diego International Rescue Committee, Hong focuses her work on giving refuges options for alternative transportation.

Randy Van Vleck
When Randy was six years old he taught his best friend how to ride a bike.  It made him proud to help him ride and balance on two wheels.  After that, the bicycle became his vehicle for independence and exploration in his neighborhood and its surrounding area.

Kevin Wood
Kevin’s experience as a competitive cyclist and a bike commuter has been valuable asset to the SDCBC education. As a key member of our education program, Kevin taught over 30 classes in 2011.






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