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What We Stand For

Bicycling is a healthy, affordable, and environmentally friendly form of transportation and recreation that should be safe and attractive to everyone who wants to ride, wherever their destination and whatever their purpose.

Bicycling is good for our communities and for the people who ride, and so we work to increase the number of people who ride bikes as a regular part of their lives. Toward that end:

We advocate for complete, low-stress networks of roads and bicycle facilities that make travel by bicycle attractive to people of all ages and abilities. Every street should be designed and operated to meet the needs of people riding bikes using the best available designs and best practices.

Regular roadway and bikeway maintenance is important for safe and enjoyable bicycling. Every city and the County should allocate the resources necessary to maintain roadways and bikeways that are safe and attractive to use by people on bikes.

We encourage safe and responsible cycling on roads, bike paths and trails, and so we provide and endorse bicycle skills training.

We support effective enforcement of traffic laws to encourage safe driving and bicycling, so we advocate for training of law enforcement personnel on proper bicycling and bicyclist/motorist interaction.

Every destination where people on bikes want to go should provide safe and secure parking for bicycles. Bike parking should be provided to meet the demand, and should be designed and installed using the best design standards and practices.

The region’s public transit system should be attractive to use by people riding bikes with easy storage of bikes available on buses and trains, and secure bike parking at transit stations.

Achieving these ends will make bicycling in San Diego County better not just for the region’s many bike enthusiasts; it also will make the bicycle more attractive for people who now ride a bike only occasionally or not at all. At the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, we work for the changes to our social and civic institutions that are necessary to realize this goal.



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