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Walking and biking to school means healthier children and less traffic. The Safe Routes to School program provides for streetscape improvements, education programming and other enhancements that will encourage more children to walk or bicycle to school.

At SDCBC, our Safe Routes to School program works to bring diverse organizations together including health, government, smart growth and individual school system representatives to discuss how we can encourage more children to walk or bike to school. Beginning the day with exercise is proven to have a profound, positive and lasting impact on children’s health, and SDCBC is proud to be a part of this solution to the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Safe Routes to School Traffic Safety Program
The Safe Routes to School Traffic Safety Program is a comprehensive 10-hour traffic safety education curriculum geared for older elementary and middle school aged students. Activities range from in class activities to on-street walking trips and bicycle rides. Through a series of successive levels, bicycle and walking safety will be covered in greater depth, teaching more advance concepts, and offering hands-on experiential learning.

Primary Goals

  • Increase the safety of youth bicyclist and walkers.
  • Increase the number of frequency of children bicycling and walking.
  • Improve the lives of children by improving health, learning capacities, independence, and community conditions for bicycling and walking.

Learning Objectives
The curriculum improves traffic safety and youth mobility by teaching walking safety, bicycling in traffic, and route finding strategies. The program emphasizes that bicyclist follow the same rules of the road as motorists. This program empowers students to use bicycling and walking as ways of travel.
The course covers the following topic areas:

  • Benefits of walking and bicycling
  • Common crash types
  • Defining roles of vehicles (cars, bikes) and walkers
  • Pedestrian behavior
  • Bicycle helmets and equipment
  • Bicycle handling skills
  • Route finding for bicyclists and walkers
  • Traffic laws and rules of the road
  • Road positioning
  • Intersection types, right of way concepts pertaining to intersections, turning through intersections
  • Riding through the community

Students also improve other skills, including:

  • Communication and team building
  • Self-esteem and self-assertiveness
  • Health and fitness knowledge
  • Bicycling in groups

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